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Spring 2025 Applications Are Now Open

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Elementary and High School Application

Our Tutoring Advantages

Building Foundations by

building up knowledge context and practising examples, in order to have the ability to make cross-applications. 

Making Improvements by

developing critical thinking, willpower, and problem-solving skills,  and students' numeracy, reasoning, reading and comprehension skills.

Eliting Education by

improving critical thinking and problem-solving skills, pointing out key examples to deepen the internal connection and transformation of various concepts.

Thinking Outside the Box by

equipping students with the strongest skill set, so that they are able to generate multiple ideas, and connected in between to become a multi-angle thinking space.

Our Academic Options

On-Site Tutoring

We provide onsite tutoring at the school in various subjects. These sessions can consist of one
on one tutoring between a tutor and student, or in smaller groups of students and the tutor.
There are various options to choose from to ensure students are receiving the academic
support that is best for them.

Academic Counseling

We want to ensure that both the students and their families are comfortable and well situated
throughout the student’s time in school. We provide an abundance of resources and support to
both parents and students, to aid in settling down and feel well supported during the process.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

Anchor Prepatory College is a private school affiliated with Carrey International Education Inc.
Though Anchor College, students have the opportunity to obtain credits required for the Ontario
Secondary School Diploma. There is the option to take a single credit, or to take them all!

Community Opportunities

We provide many opportunities for our students to work with a variety of local and nonprofit organizations, to showcase their abilities and contribute to the local community. Additionally, we offer many resources and possibilities for students to complete the 40 hours of community services required for their OSSD.

Online Tutoring

We offer online tutoring for overseas students, with our tutors here in Canada as well as our overseas tutors. These are done over video call between the student and an online tutor at times convenient for both parties. We provide this for a multitude of subjects ranging from primary to high school levels. This ensures that location is not a barrier in a student’s success.

Special Programs

We offer a variety of special programs. These special programs include TED Talks, summer
camps in various subjects, various clubs and contests, and so much more. These are offered to further student’s learning outside the classroom in fun interactive ways in addition to our tutoring


I was tutored for IB English at this location for an entire year. I truly appreciate the professionalism and the support the teachers have provided for me during my last year of English studies.


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