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Overseas Experience

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Remote Learning for Canadian Curriculum 

Remote learning courses are designed for students who are outside of Canada. Current students located throughout China and Southeast Asia. This course is suitable for students aged 10-19 who are interested in studying abroad.​

Canadian School System


There are six years of schooling for Canadian elementary school, two years for Secondary school and four years of high school. Some schools will combine elementary and secondary school, which covers from grades one to grade eight. Large private schools will start from preschool education to Grade 12. Canadian four-year high school system including from 9th to 12th grade (equivalent to junior three to high school senior in China).

Although the curriculum arrangement may vary depends on the specific school,  the overall courses are composed of required courses and elective courses. Required courses are: English, mathematics, sciences and social sciences. Elective courses are diverse, covering economics, law, architecture, foreign languages, art, etc. The curriculum is completely refers to the way of the university teaching, giving students more autonomy and freedom to develop their own interest.

Academic Guidance for Canadian Primary and Secondary Schools

​The curriculums of Canadian primary and secondary schools are developed by the Provincial Ministry of Education. The main subjects are literature, French, mathematics, science, and sociology. Others include physical education, music, art and so on. The flexibility of education has made most of the teaching out of the traditional education's equation.


Academic Guidance for Canadian High Schools

The credit system is used for the curriculum. It is important to choose and match selected courses. The limit spaces for selecting courses and the minimum time that required for each courses must be considered. Most public schools rarely authorize students to take courses with more than 8 credits per academic year, while private schools can choose 8 or more credits according to their own circumstances. Generally, 5-6 courses are the reasonable amount for each semester. Selecting fewer courses could lead to not enough credits for graduation, while selecting too much courses will affect students' GPA. It is important to coordinate between course selection and extra curriculum activities. 

​Education system in North American pay more attention to children's creative thinking. Children who are accustomed to the Chinese education system may not be used to it at first. Moreover, Canadian exams often have to answer a large number of essay questions to examine children's critical thinking and breadth of knowledge. Therefore, it is best to conduct simultaneous tutoring while attending classes to establish the autonomy of learning and form a systematic knowledge system.

Carrey Education Virtual Lessons

Program Name
Suitable For ...
Transition to Canadian Curriculum
36 hrs
12 hrs/wk
Students planning to join schools n Canada in September
Canadian School Program(Accelerated)
Sep - Jan Feb- Jun
66 hrs
4 hrs/wk
Students with test purposes or short in time
Canadian School Program(Regular)
September - June
110 hrs
4 hrs/wk
Students wish to complete courses at a standard pace
Virtual One-On-One Customized
Student with individual requirements and expectations
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