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U.S College Application

American University  Application

Unlike applying to Canadian universities, American university application requires additional SAT exams. Before applying, you also need to know:

  1. Know your choices

  2. Go to the university tour and experience the school campus if possible 

  3. Visit the official website of the university you are interested in and sort out the application requirements

  4. Subscribe to news alerts and request reminders

  5. ​Start preparing as early as possible

General Testing

The first thing for applying American universities is to prepare the SAT, commonly known as the "American College Entrance Examination".  Besides, many students will also choose the ACT test. We recommend that high school students should start preparing for the SAT/ACT test in their 9th or 10th grades. There are many mathematics knowledge such as advanced functions that need to be learned in advance. Besides the requirement of solid math skills, students also need prepare enough practice time for themselves. For more information about American standardized testing, you can consult Carrey Education (WeChat: Carrey_Canada).

The Common Application

Usually called "the Common App", students can apply the universities and colleges in the United States through this website. Universities in California and some public universities may have their own application systems, students need to pay additional attention to this during their preparation stages. 

The basic information of The Common App does not need to be repeated. You only need to pay special attention to the individual application documents/related majors of some colleges and universities.

College Board

The College Board is where you can check SAT, SAT subject tests, and AP exams.

You can find all the exam dates and create your own username to register for the exam here.

In the later application process, you also need to send the scores to all the applied universities through the College Board.

2022 U.S News Ranking

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