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Female Teacher during a Math Class

Math Kangaroo

Math "Kangaroo"
​ Course Details
  • ​Students are divided into Entry Level (Grade 3/4), Intermediate Level (Grade 5/6)

  • Sort out the conceptual knowledge of the school​

  • Question type division and extension, analysis of various question types

  • ​Group discussions to share ideas

  • Preview the knowledge points for the next school year

Invited Lecturer
  • ​Professional tutoring competition mathematics (Waterloo/AMC/Olympic), experienced

  • Former member of Beijing Mathematical Olympiad Team

  • ​GTA famous "Yan School" lecturer

  • ​Students who have been admitted to the Department of Engineering Mathematics of SUU and Ivy League schools in the United States have won scholarships

​Chief Lecturer

  • Long-term tutoring in high school mathematics, Waterloo mathematics competition, rich experience

  • University of Waterloo/Laurier Co-op Mathematics and Business Dual Degree

  • ​Won the Canadian International Business Scholarship (only 25 places nationwide)

  • Won the first place in IBM International Business Planning

  • Won the second place in international family business planning

  • ​He went to Peru to assist community construction

  • Worked for Bank of America, consulting firm "Accenture"

​Course Schedule

2019 Summer Classes

February.2020 G6 CNML

March.2020 G3/4 Kangaroo

March.2020 G5/6 Kangaroo

April.2020 G3 Thales

April.2020 G4 Byron Germain

April.2020 G5 Fibonacci

April.2020 G6 Pythagoras

April.2020 G4/5 CNML

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