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Changing Minds, Changing Worlds

Changing Minds, Changing Worlds

2021 Summer Special English Program Nominated as Carrey No.1 Tutor Josh: Joshua graduated from University of British Columbia, degree in History and English, certified high school teacher, certified IB instructor. With over 20 years of teaching experiences, Joshu teahes IBDP English and History, IGCSE English anf History, tutors AP and SAT test preparation.
Joshua also goes to the SAT Summer Camp in Pennsylvania to tutor students to prepare for the exam. At the same time, he is the instructor and also an active member at the MUN club in his current school.


This program is selected from the IB MYP curriculum and combines
three aspects: "Globalization, Sustainability and Persuasion":
• Learn: Writing keywords 'tone, mood, persuade', and the 'Big 5' framework
• Understand: The intrinsic relation between 'Globalization' and 'Sustainability'
• Literature provides "experience", through which you can change thoughts, emotions and even actions.
• Understand: How different texts can convince the audience emotionally and thus change their worldview.

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• Brainstorming
• Compare and Contrast, Class Discussion
• Reading Excerpts, Watching Videos
• Writing Reflections


• Tools For Analysis
• Persuasive Techniques
• Compare & Contrast Sentence Starters

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• When teacher explains literatures in class, students are
able to do research and self-reflections at the same time.
We use literature as a mirror to stimulate their thinking and
resonance with society and life. Resonance and interests
motivate students to go deeper into the discussion.

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Suitable for students who:
• take IB MYP, Pre-IB course in;
• are in Grades 6-9 want to improve "critical thinking" and writing skills;
• consider IB program but don't know whether if it is the Right-fit, as well
as students and parents who want to explore IB courses.

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