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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Carrey International Education Inc. aims to provide the best educational support and resources
for students to succeed in their educational journey. Whether there is a need for additional
tutoring, or the completion of an scholarly examination, we have all the materials to help fulfill
your essential academic requirements. We have a team of 40+ tutors and instructors, ranging
from young scholars to qualified teachers with over 20 years of experience.




Our Story

Since 2018, Carrey International Education Inc has been working to provide the best possible learning experience to students. At Carrey, we provide customized and individualized learning opportunities for students based on their strengths and weaknesses to fully support their educational growth and find the best fit. We have worked over the years to build our community and team of qualified experienced workers, that are the best fit for our company and the students we work with. We work on building up the characteristics of students to watch them succeed, as that is our number one goal. We have watched this company grow into a larger community-based upon mutual respect and similar goals for success, and hope that as time goes by it becomes more than just a company, but a set of pedagogical values and hope for the student population.

Meet The Team

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