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"ShowTime!" Drama Camp

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Have you realized that your child is unwilling to:

Memorize words...

Read literature books...

Read out loud...

And your child lacks of:


Being in a social environment...

Sense of working as a team...

Check out our Drama Camp coming in August!

Areas to develop

a. Reading fluency

b. Understanding features of one Play

c. Individual learning method

d. Critical thinking skills through characters

e. Improvisation skills

f. Creative in-responses to visitors

g. Ability to express emotions in a healthy way through verbal language and body languages

h. Social and emotional skills

i. Collaborations as a team

j. Problem solving skills

Areas to focus

a. Building vocabularies

b. Analyze context of the play

· Settings

· Characters/relationships

· Conflicts

· Resolutions

c. Critical thinking

d. Improvisation skills

e. Speaking with confidence

f. In response to their visitors

Call in to book, limited time and spots!

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