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What is the SAT test?

SAT is divided into SAT1 and SAT2. Under normal circumstances, famous American schools only need to provide SAT1 scores. Only a few schools also require SAT2 scores.

1. SAT1: Known as the SAT General Test or NEW SAT (Reasoning Test), it tests three subjects: reading, writing and math. The full score of each part is 800. The total score of the old SAT test is 2400. After the reform, the new test has become 1600. The test time is three hours and forty-five minutes.

2. SAT2: called SAT single subject test or SAT subject test (Subject Tests), including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, foreign languages (including Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish), etc., each subject has a full score of 800 points . The test time is one hour.


What is the ACT test?

The full name of ACT is "American College Testing", and the Chinese name is "American College Admission Test". The ACT test is not a simple language test, but a test of students' comprehensive ability.

The ACT test is divided into four parts: Error Correction (English), Math (Math), Reading (Reading), and Science Reasoning (Science Reasoning) are all multiple-choice questions, with a total of 215 questions. In addition, the composition title is optional, and the test time is also increased by 30 minutes. The full score of the ACT is 36 points, with 36 points in each part, and the total score is averaged. The full score of the composition is 12 points, which are not counted in the total score, and the scores are given separately.

Many candidates have not tried scientific reasoning. This part integrates high school and junior high school physics, chemistry, biology, Chinese, oral English, written test and other subjects.


​What is the SSAT? What is the ISEE?

The SSAT is divided into four sections: Vocabulary, Reading, Math, and Writing. The first three parts are scoring items. Although the writing part is not scored, it will be sent as a copy when the official scores are sent to the school, so it also needs to be paid attention to.

The SSAT is divided into two levels: Lower Level and Upper Level. Depending on the level, there will be some differences in the scores.

1. Lower Level: Students in grades 5-7, with a score range of 1320-2130.

2. Upper Level: Students in grades 8-11, with a score range of 1500-2400.

The test format and time for the lower and upper grades are exactly the same, but the difficulty and total score value are different.

ISEE is sponsored by the US Private School Entrance Examination Office (ISEE Operations Office) and the US Educational Records Board (ERB), which mainly examines students' language and mathematical comprehension and reasoning abilities. ISEE test results are recognized by more than 1,200 prestigious private schools worldwide. The three levels of elementary, middle and advanced (applying for grades 5-12) are the most common in the ISEE test, and they all contain the following five test contents:

- Verbal Reasoning

- Quantitative Reasoning

- Reading Comprehension

- Mathematics Achievement

- Writing (Essay)

The ISEE exam is divided into four levels as follows:

Primary Level (Children): For students applying for grades 2-4, there is only a computer-based test

Lower Level (primary): students applying for grades 5-6, computer-based test/paper-based test

Middle Level: For students in grades 7-8, computer-based test/paper-based test

Upper Level: For students in grades 9-12, computer-based test/paper-based test

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