Meet The Team

Kexin F​

Since 2018 founded, I’ve been providing professional consulting services to clients from China and beyond. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship.


Andrew K

B.A, B.Ed


As a highly regarded Teacher,Andrew has held many roles, both research-based and student-facing. 


Chris Di S

B.A, B.Ed


Chris is a Canadian film director. His films include those with elements of comedy, magic realism, dreams and psychological drama. His works have been selected for the Cannes International Film Festival, Canada International Film Festival, Las Vegas Film Festival and National Screen Institute.



With background in Nuclear Physics, Mr. Jo have served as both Physics and Math Instructor since 1980, he has experienced with creating a nurturing, motivating, and stimulating learning environment for each and every one of his students. 

Shahla. S

M.S, B.S, B.Ed


With her dedication to sharing knowledge, Ms. Shahla has educated and inspired countless people inside and outside the classroom. She pride herself on her level of teaching as well as research. She has teaching experiences in various of elite private schools and universities across Canada, in Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia and British Columbia.



Ms. L is a committed, knowledgeable and capable Physics Teacher. Through their research and teaching, she have developed a solid reputation among their students and colleagues alike. With background in Nuclear Physics, she has experiences with AP Physics, IB Physics and SAT Physics.


Naomi W


À travers mon parcours universitaire, mes voyages et mes lectures variées, jai gagné à la fois des connaissances diversifiées et approfondies ainsi qu'une véritable capacité d'adaptation.